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Arizona DUI Law
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Arizona DUI Law

Drunk driving penalties are a lot like real estate values -- it all comes down to location, location, location. Before you even think of getting behind the wheel after having just one drink, you should know the DUI laws of your state. Even if you do not feel the effects of alcohol, your blood alcohol content (BAC) may exceed your state's legal limit because everyone's body and alcohol tolerance is different. Although some similarities are shared across the board, it is important to note that state DUI laws vary across the country.

For example, while the blood alcohol content (BAC) levels are all .08, the punishments vary widely. Arizona, Tennessee, and Georgia are among the states with mandatory jail time for first offenders. On the other hand, California, Connecticut, and Indiana don't have such a requirement. Then there is Wisconsin, where a first-offense drunken driving isn't even a crime. It's a civil infraction that results in a ticket.
In Arizona:

"Per Se" BAC Level" .08