Omega Counseling, Inc. - Anger Management - Phoenix, AZ

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The Anger Management Program includes components from the PEACE Program and other research based programs. The Anger Management program is designed to provide clients with: 
  • Cognitive/re-formation skills
  • Ability to recognize triggers and anger styles
  • Methods to stop negative thought processes
  • Family, gender, cultural influences
  • Effects of anger on other people
  • Information on the relationship to addiction
  • Communication and listening skills
  • Positive alternative thoughts and behaviors
  • Values clarification

The PEACE Program is offered in a structured group format. The program is psycho-educational in nature and uses Motivational Interviewing, to prepare participants for change, and Cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques to give participants understanding, awareness and skills to handle everyday situations. This allows participants the opportunity to examine their thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
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